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A Curtain Falls

A Curtain Falls

Reader's Guide by Stefanie Pintoff

About this guide

My goal in preparing this reader's guide is to offer some thought-provoking questions that may enhance the reader's enjoyment of my novel, A Curtain Falls—especially in a book club setting.


Discussion Questions

  1. Discuss the meaning(s) of the title, A Curtain Falls.

  2. Charles Frohman is a real historical figure credited with inventing the "star system" that shaped early Broadway (and later was used in the Hollywood studios of the 1930s and 1940s). What are the rules of his system? How do they infuse an environment already marked by greed, ambition, and jealousy?

  3. At the heart of any series is the continual emotional development of the principal characters from book to book. Which character grows the most in this book? Why?

  4. In addition to serving as a physical location, the Broadway theater is almost a character is its own right. Discuss how this setting adds to the novel, and what kinds of details bring it alive?

  5. The essence of theater is the blurred line between appearance and reality, truth and lies. In what ways does this theme lie at the heart of A Curtain Falls?

  6. The author depicts many representations of family, relationships, and the nature of grief. How do characters compensate for absence and loss? Which are the most successful? Why do you think that is?

  7. Detective Ziele struggles with his newfound knowledge when he discovers Timothy Poe's true situation. Did you find his struggle true to his character and time period?

  8. What is your favorite scene in the book and why?